The Aura Is Your Magnificent Self

Welcome to SparklingAura.com

Healing is healing, no matter what label or form you put to it. The mechanism itself is impossible to fully know or understand by this thing we call mind. It is therefore necessary to bypass the mind and utilize its substrate, which is Divine Consciousness to effect healing.

The outer form of that may look like a massage, a chiropractic adjustment, the ‘laying on of hands’ or any number of techniques. The simple fact remains that energy is the primary cause of movement and change, from separation to wholeness.

It is noted that the aura is the outer most extension of your inner most Light, and it is the remembrance of this fact which causes infinite potentiality for spontaneous healing. Welcome to Sparkling Aura.

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Eye Cream For Under Eyebags

Our eyes contribute a lot to our daily visage. These two little wonders can make or break your day, depending on whether you are taking a good care of them or not. Applying any cosmetic cream on your eyes may not be sufficient, as the skin around your eyes is completely and totally different from the skin on your cheeks and forehead. Thus, applying the right eye cream to deal with eye bags and other related issues is very important to ensure you can enjoy having even face all day around.

Although your personal preferences and budget dictate your purchasing choices, experts of the beauty industry share some helpful recommendations to find the very best anti-eye-bag wrinkle creams. Let’s take a look at some tips that should help you pick the right product.

Basic Recommendations

Revitol Eye Cream is touted as one of the best under eye creams in 2014 due to its ability to reduce the puffiness, dark circles and eye bags, while delivering sufficient sun protection. It is lightweight, and made with ingredients that are best known to treat problems related to eyes, especially during the aging years. For all-purpose anti aging around your eyes, Revitol Eye Cream works best against bags, dark circles, eye bags and fine lines.

Cool Creams

It is very important to make sure that the cream you buy, feels cool and relaxing on application. As soon as you put your eye cream around your eyes, it should give a feeling of relaxation and coolness to your eyes. It should be light and easy to glide on the surface of your skin. Most of the best eye creams use caffeine as main ingredient – which instantly helps deflate eye bags. Such eye creams also create cooling sensation, targeting bags and delivering firmness and elasticity.

Quick Fixes

Easing the appearance of eye bags requires well hydrated, and consistent skin care regime. However, there are some creams that also deliver instant results. Even though these creams produce temporary fixes, if you are looking for a spotless beauty minutes before attention a party or meeting someone special, these quick fix creams can help you get the desired results. Most of these creams use light reflectors to minimize the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and brighten the eye area.

Go Gentle

Those who prefer eco-friendly and herbal creams can also find a plethora of suitable options to choose from. There are many companies that manufacture cosmetic products by using organic materials and herbs. These ingredients are not even laboratory modified to increase the shelf-life. If you have sensitive skin, having your hands on herbal formulations should prove to be a good step. Rhodiola rosea extract is one of the most commonly used ingredients in eye creams for eye bags. Such creams are well formulated to ease puffiness, while hydrating and softening the skin.

Keep all these factors in mind when buying eye cream for eyeb ags. Make sure you choose only trustworthy brand and product. Conducting a thorough online research on particular products should help you make the right choice.

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